Our Products and Services for Investors

Find all the products and services we offer related to investors.

RIO Fixed Income System

The market’s leading software for valuation and risk measurement of Danish mortgage backed bonds as well as interest rate and bond derivatives.

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Risk Reporting

Risk and return calculations on Danish bonds delivered in your preferred format. 

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Danish Bond Data

The service delivers basic data, market quotes, and value added data on fixed income instruments in any format you desire.

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Scanrate Pricing Service

A daily feed with evaluated prices on the full range of liquid and illiquid bonds in the Danish market.

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Scanrate Model Service

Delivery with estimated prepayment models, term structure models and yield curves to cover all aspects of the Danish bond market. 

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Customized Solutions

With 30+ years of experience in the Danish mortgage market, our experts can assist in tailoring and implementing solutions to meet your needs.

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Our Products and Services for CFOs

Find all the products and services we offer related to CFOs and financial controllers.


The only software system that offers you a complete 
overview of all assets and liabilities in your company. 
Simulate interest rate changes and get reports 
with all relevant calculations.

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An advanced online calculator capable of comparing 
the cost mortgage of loans in different yield curve scenarios.

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