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Customized Solutions

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We draw on in-depth fixed income knowledge and have 30+ years of experience. However, those tools are useful in a wider area than just the Danish fixed income market. We are capable of implementing and operating advanced data services tailored to meet your organization’s needs.


Examples of Customized Solutions

Over the years, we have implemented powerful solutions for banks, mortgage and financial institutions.


Examples of our customized solutions:


  • Evaluated pricing service for global bond markets
  • Fixed Income - attribution workflow for mutual fund
  • Daily VaR calculation for Danish Mortgage Bonds


Leave the Monitoring to Us

Allocate your resources to focus on the front-end of your business while we tend to the machinery. We are specialized in managing daily operations and monitoring system performance efficiently through automated processes and thoroughly tested set-ups.

Our team of financial analysts, software developers, and data management experts have created several setups of professional workflows and have experience from several ISAE 3402 audits.


Consultancy Projects

Our analysts have served as independent adviser for mortgage credit institutions and The Danish National Bank. 

Examples of projects include:

  • Pre-launch of pricing models of capped floater and ratchet bonds
  • Analysis of new bill on refinancing risk for adjustable rate loans
  • Development of loan calculation software for Danish mortgage credit institution


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We have 30+ years of experience in finding the right solutions to complex challenges within the Danish bond market.

We develop, implement, and operate advanced data services tailored to meet your organization's needs.

One of our specialties is managing daily operations and monitoring system performance through
automated processes.