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Learn about RIO Fixed Income System, Danish Bond Data, and Scanrate Pricing Service.

RIO Fixed Income System

One System. All Bond Market Intelligence

With our RIO* Fixed Income System you get the market leading system for evaluation and risk measurement of Danish mortgage backed bonds as well as interest and bond derivatives. It is the only system that ensures you to have the full range of benchmark models for all types of bonds in the Danish market.


Flexibility Is Key

As a RIO user, you have a high degree of flexibility to configure your calculations. Both in terms of model setup and output presentation. This allows for smooth interaction with other software systems.


Work Smarter with RIO in Excel

The complete set of RIO functions at your command.  With our user-friendly add-on for Excel, you can combine RIO’s advanced models with Excel’s flexibility and manage risk efficiently in your favorite spreadsheet environment. You can even access proprietary data and real time input.


Automate and Focus

Automation is one of our core values, and we will be happy to help you automate your calculation processes leaving you with time to focus on other tasks. We have the tools, the knowledge, and years of experience to solve complex processes using automated and error resilient workflows.

RIO combines what no one else can: 30 years of experience and expertise in Danish mortgage backed bonds and markets. In 1986, RIO was the first – and for several years the only - system able to estimate zero coupon yield curves for the Danish bond market. Today, it is used by some of the largest banks, pensions funds, and mortgage providers in Denmark as well as foreign investment funds.

*RIO is the Danish acronym for ‘Rentestruktur for Inkonverterbare Obligationer’  and translates as: Term Structure of Interest Rates for Non-Callable Bonds. The name originates in the mid-80s and today, RIO is able to handle most fixed income products.


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RIO Fixed Income System is the market
benchmark for analyzing the complex
risk and return features of the
Danish mortgage backed bonds.

  • Flexible: Adjust all parameters
  • Integrate into any system
  • Access all RIO functions directly from Excel
  • Automate your work processes




Danish Bond Data delivers
the most comprehensive set of
data on Danish bonds to you.

  • Compatible with any portfolio system
  • Value added data provided by our experts
  • Both automated and manual quality assurance
  • Saves you time to focus on the end result



Danish Bond Data

Obtain Data of the Highest Quality on Danish Bonds

Danish Bond Data is your supplier of data on Danish Bonds.

You will gain access to the most comprehensive set of data covering all aspects of the Danish bond market. From basic data and market quotes to more advanced mortgage backed bond information - delivered directly in the format of your choice.

Free from the burden of setting up and maintaining a cumbersome data feed, you can focus on your core tasks.


Value Added Data

To minimize the amount of time you have to spend on tedious data assignment, our financial experts will supply value added data such as:

  • Capital center data
  • Interest only periods
  • Soft bullet structure
  • Every piece of information is quality assured using both manual and automated validation procedures.

We provide Danish Bond Data in coorperation with Thomson Reuters. Since 2001, we have joined forces in providing and constantly developing the most extensive data feed on Danish bonds.


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Scanrate Pricing Service

Evaluated prices for Danish bonds

The Scanrate Pricing Service (SPS) offers you a high quality feed containing evaluated prices on nearly all Danish bonds. The SPS prices can, among other things, be used to perform portfolio assessments or to get a second opinion on internal valuations from a 100 percent independent party.


Transparent and Independent Data

As the only independent supplier of evaluated prices on all Danish mortgage backed bonds, we take great pride in providing a fully transparent and comprehensible service  you can rely on.

As a user of the service, you gain access to the SPS website containing basic data, methodology and historical pricing performance. Every model and assumption is explained in-depth in the technical documentation also available on the website.

We guarantee you the best competences, models, and know-how in the field. 


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The Scanrate Pricing Service offers you
evaluated prices on the full range of
liquid and illiquid bonds on the
Danish bond market.

  • All prices in one feed
  • Every aspect is thoroughly documented
  • Independent service