See the Bigger Picture for All Loans and Assets

Replace disorder and manual labor with structured displays of information
and intelligent, automated features, when managing your company's liabilities. 
We provide you with two systems: Lima for professionals and for private households.


Get an Overview of All Loans and Assets in One Online System

Allow us to introduce Lima - the liability management system of the future. It is an online system with cutting edge features assisting you with handling your company’s loans and assets across loan type, counterparts, and subsidiaries in the best possible way.

Lima offers you:

  • A total overview of all loans and assets
  • Automatically updated key numbers
  • Professional reports
  • Export of all data to spreadsheets


Be One Step Ahead

What are the financial consequences of a 2 percentage points interest rate shift? When is the optimal time to refinance a certain subset of your loans? Lima offers indispensable knowledge about risks by simulating interest rate changes and showing the effect on payments and redemption cost over a period of 1, 3, or 5 years.


Professional Reports

In a matter of seconds, you can get all relevant calculation output presented in professional report designs. The reports will provide you with the overview and confidence to handle negotiations with the bank.


Explore more on the Lima website and watch the video (in Danish)



Lima is an online system for you to
get an overview of all loans and assets.

  • Calculate important key figures
  • See present and future status of loans
  • Simulate changes in interest rate
  • Compare costs on refinancing 
  • Get professional reports with key figures is a free online
mortgage loan calculator.

It is a helpful tool for Danish
homeowners that enables them to
compare mortgage loans.

It offers scenario analysis and insights about the different loan types.

Which mortgage loan is the most affordable in the long run?

With our free online mortgage loan calculator, Danish homeowners are able to compare mortgage loans and get scenario analysis for the full range of mortgage loans available in the Danish market. offers valuable information such as:

  • How much does obtaining a mortgage loan cost?
  • What size are the interest payments and installments?
  • What will it cost to redeem the mortgage loan?
  • How will changes in interest rate affect the yield and the outstanding mortgage debt on the loans? is an independent web-tool which can be used to perform advanced mortgage calculations. It does not answer the question of which mortgage loan to choose, but it provides thorough insights about the characteristics of different loan types that will help you making financially sound decisions.