Flexibility Makes RIO Valuable to Sydbank

Sydbank is among the five largest banks in Denmark. They have been using the RIO Fixed Income System for 20 years and value the close cooperation with Scanrate.

During the last 20 years, Sydbank has been using Scanrate’s RIO Fixed Income System to price and estimate risk on Danish mortgage backed bonds and calculate key figures.

Sydbank is both using RIO Function Library allowing them to access all of RIO’s functionalities and models directly from Excel and the RIO .net application.

Besides the full range of models to manage Danish mortgage backed bonds, Head of Fixed Income Research at Sydbank, Claus Juhl, underlines one important aspect of RIO:

"The flexibility of RIO is extremely valuable to us. We're able to adjust all parameters of the models and thereby analyze exactly what we need. Moreover, the flexibility means that we can integrate RIO to our other systems making the workflow much easier."

Cooperation with a Capital C

The cooperation between Sydbank and Scanrate spans more than 20 years and is remarked by the fact that both parties contribute with constructive ideas and receptiveness. Claus Juhl points out one specific episode:

"When a floor was added to bonds with floating coupon structure in 2015, we contacted Scanrate to ask for their input to manage the bonds. They told us that they had already started adjusting RIO to floating rate bonds and asked us if we had any ideas or input to the solution. It means a lot to us to be involved in the process and in this way RIO becomes the system that solves our challenges in the best possible way."

Top Quality Support

Throughout the long cooporation, Sydbank has always received competent help when they have contacted Scanrate support.

"We are always met by kind employees who have a heavy and comprehensive knowledge about Danish mortgage backed bonds. They help us very quickly and we can move on in no time," Claus Juhl says.


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